Before your Consultation

In order for me and my team to give you the best quality consultation, and to assess your case as thoroughly as possible, we need to know as much as possible about you, your past medical history and how you perceive your situation and the information you have been given so far by any health professional.

To give you a quality service, we need the following items and documents for review prior to consultation:
  • A referral letter from your GP, Oncologist or Surgeon
  • Copies of all scans on disc (or uploaded via NHS PACS system in UK)
  • All operation reports regarding your case
  • All histopathology reports from biopsies and operations
  • All reports on tumour receptors or mutational analysis of tumour
  • Copies of any previous oncology case files
  • Copies of any chemotherapy prescriptions with doses of drugs
  • Copies of any previous radiotherapy treatment details

It is difficult to give an opinion on your case unless I have the above information. Also, for second opinions it is important that your oncologist knows that you are coming to see me.

If you are coming for an appointment I'd be grateful if you came half an hour prior to the consultation so that you can fill out my new patient questionnaire and so that I can read what you have written about your case and background. You may feel that you have answered many or all of the questions before and that some of the questions seem irrelevant. However, they all have a purpose and give me a picture of you as a person which is essential to me giving you a personalised treatment programme for you as an individual, rather than simply a protocolised treatment plan given to any patient with a similar condition. This is the key to quality cancer care in my opinion. We would be happy to email you the questionnaire prior to the consultation.

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