Private Consultations and Treatment fees for self pay patients

Charges for consultations are based on time spent with the patient.

Consultation charges

New patient consultations          £395 for up to an hours Consultation
Second opinion consultations    £495 for up to an hours Consultation

(Second opinions include up to an hour with patient, review of previous case files, and of scans/x-rays)

Return consultations                  £225 for up to 30mins

New and Second Opinion Consultations

The minimum charge for a new patient consultation is £395. Such consultations generally last approximately one hour but may be longer, particularly in patients coming for second opinions who have had many treatments or investigations in the past. Your case and scans may be discussed and reviewed at a multidisciplinary team meeting with other doctors and health professionals before or after the consultation.

As part of the service, Dr Wilson will formulate a case summary and an opinion on your case and proposed treatment plan for you. After the consultation, he will write to your family doctor, surgeon, oncologist and any other doctors or health care professionals involved regarding your case. Patients can have copies of correspondence and summaries on request. Should you not wish copies of such information to be sent to any related healthcare individual please discuss this with him at your consultation.

Case review without consultation

Case reviews are often requested for patients who do not wish to travel to Manchester.  Dr Wilson and his team are happy to provide such as service.  However, patients must realise that such a service has limitations. The patient cannot be examined or interviewed in person.  Such opinions are only theoretical and should you visit Manchester, the advice could vary significantly.  Dr Wilson cannot be held responsible for subsequent treatments, which a patient may pursue or receive, not under his care.

Chemotherapy Charges

Charges for prescribing and supervision of chemotherapy are available on request.

Dr Wilson’s In Patient Hospital charges

Daily supervision of care as in-patient             £125

In patient consultation fees may be charged in addition to the above fees during course of treatment:

Minimum charge for in-patient consultation     £225

Dr Wilson is registered and recognised by all Private Medical Insurers in the United Kingdom as a Consultant Medical Oncologist. Patients from outside the United Kingdom should check with their medical insurance companies as to whether fees would be covered, not only for Dr Wilson, but for any service provider such as The Christie Private Care, The Alexandra Hospital, or a home care provider.

Self pay fees can be paid via credit or debit card for patients who visit The Christie Private Care. We can accept bank transfers or cash payments in advance. Please email Denise Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of how to pay for patients not visiting The Christie Private Care.

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